The strength in caring deeply

Zori Tomova
3 min readApr 11, 2020

Today, I had a conversation with a very special friend and felt like inviting you to join us. The name of that special friend is Care.

She has been sharing lots of things. One of the most important things she’s told me is that Care is not just something we humans have in ourselves. Rather, it is something that is an expression of nature. Just like we are an expression of nature.

All life we can see around us and we carry within us is only possible because there is care.

Care is embodied very strongly in mothers of all kinds. Whether we are talking about humans, mice, fishes… But it is embodied in them because it is part of something larger which is caring for everything in existence. A greater force that makes sure everything is in its right place and has all the necessary conditions for its wellbeing.

Care is a deeply feminine force. Although it expresses itself in men, it’s feminine because it’s about relationships. And also because it’s very strongly connected with beauty. As we care for ourselves and the world around us, we create beauty, just like nature does.

It is due to this feminine character of care that it has a certain air of weakness in our Western culture. Truth of the matter is, this is because of the centuries-long suppression of the feminine and its importance, in both men and women. Because of that, many of us, including myself, might feel or have felt difficulties in expressing care. It creates a feeling of vulnerability. ‘Oh, I am seen to care and that puts me in a weak position’.

As I write this, I want to call in the sense of strength that is also present in vulnerability. I want to call that in myself and in you! There’s a deep feeling of liberation once we recognise that:

When we show our care, we are not showing our weakness, we are showing our strength!

And it’s OK to be seen in our caring! I’d like to ask you, especially if you are a woman, but also if you are a man, to allow your care to be there. Allow it to be part of your expression, part of your feelings, part of what you are willing to show of yourself to this world. Because it matters. Anything that is beautiful and natural that we suppress in ourselves creates pain and unnecessary disturbance for ourselves, for others and the world around us.

Thank you for being here and thank you for caring. Thank you for being an expression of care. Remember there is something bigger and extremely beautiful that you are part of when you care!


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